Andy Hardman Photography
Twin Cities, Minnesota


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What are your rates?

Weddings start at $3000

Portrait sessions start at $150

At Andy Hardman Photography, I create exceptional images that have a fine art and timeless quality that will bring all those special feels back every time you view them. My versatile style lends itself to on the fly changes with lighting, weather, and most importantly maintaining a fun and relaxed environment. My specialty is capturing candid moments that brings your wedding back to life after the guests have all gone home. I strive to create magnificent portraits of the wedding couple that are as intimate as they are unique. Creating a narrative depicting the magic and excitement of a wedding is my number 1 goal. I constantly hone my craft and have been a wedding photographer since 2004, and hold a Bachelors in Fine Arts in photography. Photography is a passion of mine that I love to share professionally and weddings prove to be amazing events to capture superb images.